June Notes


Julian Seghers played in the talent show and I hear he did great!

My former student Herlinda Castagnoli graduated from HSPVA and played piano wonderfully for her senior recital.   My former student Emily Wolfe also graduated this year from HSPVA with a focus on voice.  My former student Sarah Klein was one of the children in the recent show “The Music Man” playing at The Hobby Center.



We usually focus on duets in the summer, but this past year we have been playing duets all year long.  We will continue this with all levels of students as it encourages them to count, “keep going” and concentrate while someone else is playing. In fact, one of the new duets is “Fur Elise”, and it has been a great way to review counting in 6/8.  Plus it is really fun!


Advanced students begin playing songs which are possible performance pieces.  They will not choose their piece until August.


No lessons Friday June 12, Saturday June 13, Saturday July 4.

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