Studio Info and Policies

Lessons and Practice Time – Hints and Tips to maximize lesson and practice time.

1.  Make sure that all books are brought to every lesson.  This is very important.

2.  An assignment book is provided at the first lesson.  This should be brought back to every lesson.

3.  A beginning student should practice every song twice, 5 times a week.  If a student is intermediate (one to five years of lessons) this should be increased to 30 minutes at least 5 times a week.  Progress in playing will only be seen if a student practices on a regular basis.

4.  If a certain type of music interests a student, an effort will be made to include this music in the lesson.  Any suggestions in this area from the student or parent would be appreciated.

Beginning Students- The first several lessons will be covering the finger numbers and learning to identify the keys on the piano.  There is very little to practice, so they will probably only need about five minutes to cover their songs in their practice sessions.  As time goes on there is more focus on learning songs and their practice time will take longer.  The lessons will get more interesting as they learn more notes, so encourage them to keep going even though the first several lessons may be a little boring.

Transfer Students- I give transfer students a large variety of music for the first several lessons so I can get a feel for what music they enjoy playing.  I also cover many levels of music so I can find out what level of difficulty they are comfortable playing.  I encourage them to give me feedback (positive or negative) on whether they liked their songs, and whether they were hard or easy for them to learn.  Before long we get it figured out and I get the right level of music and can pick songs that they enjoy, but this process may take several lessons.

Recitals- Participation in recitals is optional.  Our recital is in the fall, and it is called a “Celebration” to give it more of a spirit of just playing some piano songs for friends.  We use this experience to learn how to “polish” a piece.  Everyone plays one or two songs.  They are allowed to choose their songs out of several that I present to them that are at their level.  The recital fee is $40.00 per family.

Late Charge- Payment must be received by the 10th of the month to avoid a late fee of $10.00.

Summer Policies- Policies remain the same during the summer.

Need more information? If you have any further questions please let me know.

Cheryl Lollar

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