-Private lessons geared towards the interest of the student (classical, popular, jazz, hymns)
-Country Place in Pearland
-since 1979
-30 minute lessons
-Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy, Arizona State University

“We are so pleased with the instruction our 7 year old daughter is receiving!  Mrs. Lollar has a kind and patient way with her students and we are truly amazed at the progress our daughter has made in less than a year of lessons.  My daughter really enjoys the ‘extra’ songs she is assigned in addition to the lesson books and my 5 year old is anxious to begin her lessons in a few years.  We highly recommend her to anyone looking for an instructor.”
– Laura

“Cheryl really makes playing piano fun!!  She lets the kids play music they like, so we never have to make our daughter practice and we still get to hear beautiful music.”
-Jeanie, daughter has taken lessons for 6 years

“Cheryl’s approach to teaching seems to vary according to the needs of the student, this helps with the different personality types of our two children.  Cheryl is calm and respectful when teaching, and she has a way of choosing music that our kids love to play!”
-Kristin, daughters have taken lessons for a year

“A piano is a beautiful addition to any room.  It is just as beautiful when it is being played by someone.  Thank you for teaching us how to enjoy ours.”
-Terry and Agnes, mother and daughter who have taken lessons for 10 years

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