Lesson fees are $80 for June, July and August, then $110 per month during the school year. This is for a 30 minute lesson at the date and time agreed upon by the teacher and student, your tuition assures that you will always have this time slot every week. This cost includes the Method, Theory, and Christmas books. There is no increase in this fee if there are 5 lessons in a month. There are no credits or make-up lessons given for holidays or lessons missed by the student.

The holiday schedule follows closely the local school schedule for Spring Break and Winter Break. There are no lessons on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and the entire Thanksgiving week.

Lessons are on a tuition basis, not “per lesson”.   This concept takes into account that the teacher is working for the student whether they show up for lessons or not. Mrs. Lollar tries to “personalize” lessons and this takes preparation. Your tuition includes the following:

Preparation for every lesson.

The cost and time of choosing and ordering appropriate level books.

The cost includes method and theory and Christmas books. Student’s families do not have to worry about the cost of lessons being high one month because of several books.

The cost includes all materials needed such as binders, assignment books, printing costs for digital music and sheet protectors.

The cost covers studio licenses for motivating sheet music that is often referred to by teachers as “student savers”   This is music that is showy and yet easier than it sounds.

The cost covers the teacher’s time setting up a recital and choosing appropriate level music for each student to perform.


The cost does not include the following:

Specific music books such as popular music books for more advanced students. These books can be very fun for students but they can be pricey. These will be carefully chosen for families if needed and it will be the family’s decision if the price is worth the motivation of the music. The family will order and pay for this music.

Popular individual sheet music requested by the student. Again, this is very motivating but pricy. If a song is requested by the student or their parents, I will research a version in the student’s level and the family will be responsible for ordering and paying for the sheet music.   Pop singles often run between 4 and 6 dollars.

The $40.00 recital fee. Since the recital is optional, this will make sure only families playing in the recital pay this fee.

There will be a 10 dollar replacement fee for any book supplied by the teacher that is lost by the student.


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