Piano Pronto/sample of recital songs

A Minor Mystery duet from the Piano Pronto series.  Played by Laura and Mrs. Lollar.


Star Spangled Banner duet from Movement One of Piano Pronto.


Here is Maple Leaf Rag which is in Movement 5 of the Piano Pronto series.




This is a Brahms Waltz also from Movement 5.


Here is a list of what songs the students played for the fall recital.  We had such fun learning these songs!

Star Spangled Banner duet from Piano Pronto

Merrily We Roll Along/Merrily We Groove Along duet from Piano Pronto

Star Wars

Pink Panther

Mini Musette duet from Piano Pronto

Lavenders Blue

A Day in the Life of a Fool


Harmony of the Angels by Burgmuller

Beware of Ghosts

Hop, Skip and a Jump duet from Piano Pronto

Midnight Adventure

Pyramid Power

Congo Square

Clementine duet from Piano Pronto

Bold Escape

Old MacDonald duet from Piano Pronto

Spirit of the Stallion

Whirlwind from Piano Pronto

Moonlight arr. by Faber

Fur Elise arr. by Faber

Cascading Falls

The Matador

Colors of the Wind

The Snake Dance

Twinkle Little Star duet from Piano Pronto

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Brother John duet from Piano Pronto

Hot Cross Buns

End Game from Piano Pronto









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