December Notes

December has been a month with a lot of learning going on!  While working on holiday songs, my students have been working on duets, chords, scales, cadences, new hand positions, note-naming, and counting new rhythms.

My last day of teaching is Friday Dec. 19.   I will resume teaching on Wednesday Jan. 7.  I have learned not to expect the students to practice due to all the vacations/visitors, but just in case they want to play piano during the break I have assigned something appropriate for their level, such as playing from their favorites binder or from a supplementary book.   I do not assign “teaching” songs so if they do not have a chance to practice it will not affect their progress. I have told them all to come back and have 3 songs ready to play for me, so if parents want to use this to encourage them to practice this will give the students a goal. If a student comes back to the first lessons though and tells me they have not had a chance to practice that is fine, I will not be surprised, and we will just get on with the learning in January.

I wish my lovely families a holiday season filled with peace, joy and great music.





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